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I walk over to where Emma is sitting and as I do, I dangle the pocket watch in front of her eyes.

"Now Emma you need to keep you eyes glued to this watch.  Don't focus on anything else but the watch." I say as I start to swing it back and forth.

"Got it." Emma replies as she starts to follow it with her eyes.

I swing it back and forth for a couple of times before I start to speak to her again.

"Watch the watch Emma.  You need to watch." I say as I slowly increase the speed.

"" Emma repeats slowly.

"Let a new part of your body realx everytime the watch reaches the peak of it's swing." I say.

"Yes..." Emma replies.

"Starting with your feet...they feel heavy and hard to lift up." I say as her feet and legs sink a bit.

"Moving up your body, let your stomach and chest realx." I say.

"Yes.." Emma replies as her breathing slows even more.

As Emma continues to follow the watch back and forth, I begin to notice that her eye-lids start to flutter and she blinks several times.

"Emma, your eyes are getting heavier and heavier.  In fact everytime they fully close, they are twice as heavy as before." I say.

"Heavy..." Emma replies.

"Emma, I'm going to count backwards from 10-5.  When I reach 5, your eyes will be completely closed, your body will be totally loose, limp, and relaxed" I say.

"Loose...limp...relaxed." Emma replies.

"10...feet and legs completely relaxed." I say.

"Relaxed..."Emma replies.

"9...Stomach and chest relaxed." I say.

"Stomach...chest...relaxed." Emma replies.

"8...arms and hands very relaxed."

"Very...relaxed." Emma replies.

"7...eye's getting heavier." I say

"6...eyes closed body relaxed." I say.

"Mmm." Emma replies as her eyes shut.


At 5, Emma's body completely sinks and her head hits her chest.

"Emma, I'm going to count from 5 down to zero.  Each number will take you deeper and deeper.  When I reach 0, you'll be completely hypnotized and ready to obey my commands." I say.

Rather than saying anything, Emma nods her head.

"5...feel yourself on the elavator of this hotel.  You're on floor five and you need to get to zero.  The elevator is moving and it stops at floor 4.  Some passengers get on and you continue your journey, downward, down and deeper passing floor 3, passing floor 2 and stopping at floor 1.  The passengers that just got on have to leave and as the doors close you begin your journey down to floor 0." I say as Emma's body sinks deeper.

I pocket my watch and stare at the sexy actress.

"Emma, can you hear me?" I ask.

"Yes..." Emma replies.

"Excellent.  You're completely under my control and you'll only obey me." I say.

"" Emma replies.

"Excellent.  Now when I snap my fingers you're going to wake up and feel the best you've felt in years.  You've just had the best sleep of your life." I say.

"" Emma replies.

"When you wake up you won't be able to control any part of your body.  The only part you'll be able to move is your head.  Everything else will be frozen and will only respond to my touch." I say.

Emma nods her head to show she understands.

"As I rub your body, you'll not complain, but moan in pleasure.  As I make my way down, the pleasure'll increase.  When I reach your legs, the pleasure will be som immense that you'll have no choice by to orgasm." I say.

"Yes..." Emma replies.

"However before we do any of this, you need to go to your body-guards and get rid of them." I say.

"Get...rid...of...guards." Emma replies.

With that I snap my fingers and Emma's eyes open up.  She stands up and stretches.  She then walks over to the door and opens it up.

"Okay you guys, you have the day off." she says.

"But Miss Watson-"

"Don't but me Markel.  If I had my way, you wouldn't be on the trip after the stunt you pulled in London.  Get out of here or else I'll make sure you never body-guard again." Emma snaps.

"Okay." Markel replies.

I hear a giggle from the other guard and Emma stares at him.

"And don't think I forgot what you did back in London as well." Emma snaps at him.

With that the two body-guards leave grumbling to themselves.  Emma closes the door and walks back to me when she suddenly stops.  I see her strainging as if her feet are trapped under a pile of debris.

"What's wrong?" I ask.

"My-uh-feet are stuck." she replies.

"Are you sure...let me check." I say as I bend down and put my hands are her right leg.

"OH!" Emma screams.

"What?" I ask.

"I-I don't know." Emma replies.

"But I just touched your this." I reply.

"OOOHHH!" Emma screams.

"Are you alright?" I ask.

"What (huff) did (puff) did (huff, puff) you (puff, huff) do?" Emma asks

"Don't you remember, I hypnotized you?" I reply.

"And you got me to orgasm, everytime you touch my legs." she replies.

"You did say I could do it." I retort.

"YEAH BUT NOT TO MAKE ME ORGASM EVERYTIME YOU DO!" Emma says as she suddenly explodes with anger.

To shut her up, I put my hands on both of her legs.

"AAAHHH!!!" Emma screams as she gets an even bigger orgasm.

"Do you like that?" I ask.

"Ye-No!" Emma replies.

"Really.  What if I did it back and forth." I reply.

With that I put both of my hands on her right leg and then quickly move them to her left.

"AAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!" Emma screams.

"Now do you like it." I reply.

Emma could barely speak as she answers my question.

"Y-y-yes." she says.

"Truth be told Emma, I was going to strip you naked and rub your entire body, but this is too fun." I  say.

"Please-stop." Emma replies.

"I can't." I reply.

"Why?" Emma replies.

"I love you Emma, and I want you to love me." I say.

"I-can't." Emma replies.

"Why?" I reply putting my hands on her legs again.


"Because I-what?" I reply.

"HYPNOTIZED ME!" Emma replies.

"You told me to." I snap.

"I didn't think you were going to do this to me though." she replies.

"Fair point...but this is what happens when I hypnotize people...especially ones with sexy legs." I say.

"My legs are not sexy." she replies.

"That's for me to decide." I say.

Wanting to push Emma over the edge, I kneel down and move my tongue up her left leg.

"AAAHHH-OOOHHH!!!" Emma screams.

"I won't stop until you say 'I love you'." I reply.

"I'll never say it-AAAHHH!!!" Emma replies as I touch her right leg with my hand.

Even if she didn't believe it, Emma Watson was already past her orgasm limit. She couldn't take anymore of it and wanted it to stop badly.  Unfortunately she didn't truly love me and wanted to get rid of me.

"Stop...please...stop." Emma says between breaths.

"Really?" I ask.

"Really." Emma replies.

"Prove it?" I ask.

Emma tilts her head down and stares at me with her eyes...I felt strange...almost as if I was hypnotized by her.

"Come up here." she says.

Through some unknown willpower, I stood up and stared into Emma's dark eyes.

"Kiss me." she says.

Again I felt compelled to do what she said and we kissed.  She practically melted into me and we kissed for a good five minutes.  As we kiss, I pull out my watch and hold above my head. As we pull apart, I lower the watch and start to swing it again.  Within seconds, Emma is under my control again.

"Good girl Emma.  When I snap my fingers you're going to wake up and move your entire body again.  At first, you'll be angry at me for doing what I did, but then you'll remember that you love me.  You'll say it to yourself three times over and on the last time, you'll walk to your room.  After a few minutes, get me to come in." I say.

"Yes..." Emma replies.

With that I snap my fingers.  Immediately after, Emma raises her right hand to slap me.

"You evil little-" she says.

"Emma Watson...I thought you loved me." I say.

"Love you? Love you?  Yes...yes I do love you." Emma replies.

With that she turns and walks into the room.  She closes the door and a few seconds later, she reappears.  However she's ditched the jean-shorts and tee-shirt and is instead wearing a light blue bikini.  She's also put red lipstick on and smiles at me.

"Come inside." Emma says.

Immediately I take off my shirt and pants and enter the room.

All of this was a couple of weeks ago.  Ever since then, I've been dating Emma Watson.  I've left the slumps of Toronto (though I enjoy visiting the city now-and then).  Thanks to dating Emma, I've met other celebrities including Daniel Radcliffe and Ruper Grint.  I even met David Tennat one day while at some film-festival in London.  Each night, Emma and I spend the night with each other and sometimes I'll put her back into a trance to have some fun.

The End
Hey Guys,

Here is the second (and current final part) to my Emma Watson hypnosis story. I tried to make this erotic and mildly sexually theme and I enjoyed wriiting it. I hope you guys enjoy it and it looks like that'll be it for right now. If I think of a celebrity I could hypnotize through Emma (like a connection) I'll try to do a part 3 for this series or just a new series with another celebrity.


navysealman Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Wish i was emma in thiis scene. Always wanted be hypnotised
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